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Choose QWQER as your trusted supplier whenever you need to ship or order. Current day delivery for all types of door-to-door shipments. 📍currently Riga and near Riga


Express delivery

The most convenient and fastest way to send a door-to-door packages in Riga and near Riga! Order the courier via the "Express delivery" section of the QWQER application. We will deliver the package to the addressee within the same day. 

Flowers & gifts delivery

Congratulate your loved ones without leaving home. Choose flowers in the QWQER application from our partners and our courier will deliver them to Riga and near it. You can also specify the desired time and date of receipt.

Food delivery

The most delicious offers of our cooperation partners from pizzerias, cafes, restaurants. Everything in one place in the QWQER application under the food delivery service. We are currently driving within a 7km radius of our partner, but we are expanding rapidly, so be sure to check back from time to time to see if we are delivering to your region from your favorite restaurant.

Health products & Electronics delivery

We also deliver the following goods. Be sure to contact us if you have a favorite online store whose offer you would like to receive already today. We are going to talk with them about cooperation. We are constantly evolving to provide our customers with a wide selection.

Earn as a Courier

Become a part of QWQER

Full-time or part-time work with your own car, bicycle or motorcycle. You must be registered as a self-employed person to start work.

Grow your business

Become a QWQER partner

Choose QWQER as a partner to grow your business. We offer same-day delivery using a convenient and simple application, as well as the opportunity to integrate the service into your website. Express deliveries are made on the same day in Riga and the Riga region (+ 30km). Your company deserves growth, so we will take care of the fastest and cheapest delivery of your entire product range.

Why choose QWQER?

Same day delivery

Fast and high-quality service, we are going to deliver your order the same day.

We also work on holidays

We work from 8:00-22:00 also on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays.


We guarantee absolute security of the shipment. Whatever package you sent, we will deliver it as we took it.


Cash and non-cash encashment at the time of delivery.


Easy to follow, just like waiting for a taxi. With us you will always know the status of your order and how far it is.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team and we'll find a solution.

Download QWQER Application

1. Step

Download the QWQER app from Google Play or the APP store.

2. Step

Choose the delivery method: Express delivery (send the package from point A to B), food, flower & gift, electronics, etc. delivery.

3. Step

If you choose to order instead of sending the package, add it to the selected cart.

4. Step

Provide shipping information.

5. Step

Complete the payment.

6. Step

Track order's delivery.

How can I send my package from location A to location B? Click here for more instructions on how to create a fast delivery service's order in the QWQER application.

Our Partners


Does QWQER deliver door-to-door?

Yes, we deliver door-to-door.

Does QWQER make contactless deliveries?

Yes, on request, QWQER can leave the shipment at the customer's front door.

What is Express Delivery?

Same day's delivery, which you can order using the QWQER application. The consignee is going to receive the shipment on the same day. The "Express Delivery" section of the application must indicate the place of receipt of the consignment and also the place where the consignment will be exported. The time when the parcel will be ready to be picked up must also be indicated. Depending on the distance, the system will calculate the cost of the service. You can send a package up to 30kg and the maximum size - as a suitcase. Currently, this service is available in Riga and near it.

How QWQER can help my business grow?

QWQER is a delivery partner that works with larger and smaller companies to provide delivery functions. The company does not have to hire its own couriers and invest in car transport costs. If you have your own online store, write us a message to receive an offer.

Do you cover the cost of the loss if the package is lost?

Of course, yes. We compensate the product according to its market value.

Can I add QWQER to my online store?

Yes, by applying as a cooperation partner, it is possible to integrate the QWQER system into your online store.

What is the shipping fee for business partners?

QWQER creates a personalized offer for each of its partners, depending on the volume of deliveries. To receive an offer, write us a message.

How fast is the delivery of food or flowers from the QWQER application?

When ordering in the QWQER application, you will be able to easily keep track of its status and estimated delivery time.

Is it possible to order Express delivery outside Riga?

We deliver Express in the suburbs of Riga, but not in the rest of Latvia at the moment.

What are the rules for sending a parcel if I choose to send by Express delivery?

The consignment must not exceed 30 kg and the dimensions must not exceed 1 suitcase. The consignment must be packed in a box or bag. You can also send documents this way. The courier will carefully place the shipment in his car and deliver it to the consignee in the same appearance.

Is it possible to track my shipment?

Yes, this can be easily done in the QWQER application.

Is it possible to send a fragile item with Express delivery?

Yes, but you have to provide the appropriate packaging yourself and warn the courier. We encourage you to contact our support team in case of doubt.

Where can I download the QWQER application?

The QWQER app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

Is the app available for Android users?

Yes, the QWQER app for Android users can be found on Google Play.

Is the app available for iOS users?

Yes, it can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store.

What items can't be shipped with Express Delivery?

It is forbidden to send drugs, explosives, weapons with QWQER.

How is the food delivered?

You need to download the QWQER app from Google Play or the App Store. You must choose the meal you want to order, attach a payment card, and indicate your address. The courier will deliver the order in his thermo bag to keep the food warm as much as possible.

Join our team

#hereisjob FOR COURIERS!

Very flexible options - part-time work or full-time work of your choice. Work in the morning or evening. There is an opportunity to earn money by connecting with your main job. Opportunity to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

To start work, you need your own car, bicycle or motorcycle transport and must be registered as a self-employed person. But even if you do not have a registered business yet, but are interested, send us an application, we will give you all the info on how to arrange it quickly and easily. All our couriers have the opportunity to contact the QWQER accountant on a daily basis for any concerns.

QWQER Advantages

Garanty of pay, hourly rate 4.50 EUR + *0.40 EUR gas compensation for every kilometer. 

Discounts at gas stations of our cooperation partners.

Support in any strange situation and easy communication with logistic man.

Take as much parcels as you want.

Work in international company which grow rapidly and take care of their employees.

Bonuses at gas stations.

Orders are accepted through the QWQER application. Deliver the shipment to its destination and receive a reward. The application is convenient, easy to understand, before starting work, training is also provided if necessary. We transport shipments up to 30 kg, as well as food and flowers.

Choose QWQER as delivery partner

Today's delivery is a modern solution. Comfort and prompt delivery are the added value of every company, which is highly valued by customers. Receiving an order the next day or the next day is a thing of the past. Add the possibility to receive a product with Express delivery to your website. Contact us for an offer to develop your business.

Who choose business delivery?



Restaurants & Cafes

What are the benefits?

Same day's delivery

Your company's customers will be able to receive the product on the same day. Especially advantageous service in the pre-holiday times, when parcel terminals are overloaded, as well as standard courier work is slowed down.


We are careful about the shipment entrusted to us. We also guarantee 100% compensation if the product is lost or damaged (if there has been proper packaging).

Fast and quality service

By choosing QWQER as your delivery partner, you will be able to offer to your customers 21st century's delivery service - order today and receive today. This is the fastest delivery method in Riga and near it.

Support and trainings

You can count on our support in any ambiguous step. Before starting the cooperation, we show and tell everything so the cooperation is convenient and operative.

Convenient and easy integration

Connect your online store to our platform in a few steps.

Best price & conditions

Each of our partners receives an individual approach and customized terms of cooperation.