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QWQER - fast and cost-effective e-commerce fulfillment company
Febr. 8, 2023
QWQER -  fast and cost-effective e-commerce fulfillment company

Your company is growing, and your own couriers can’t handle all the deliveries? Or you don’t want to waste money on your own delivery service at all? Or your deliveries are rare, and you don’t need one to start with? Whatever the case, outsourcing order fulfillment is the right decision, and we are always happy to help.

Place orders quickly

All you need to start working with us is complete a simple registration process and install our app. Just create your profile on our platform — that will take no more than 5 minutes, we promise — and update the information. Then, sign in to your account, and you’re ready to use our fulfillment company!

Placing an order is as easy as it gets. Enter the address and the delivery type, then specify when your order should be picked up. You can ask us to take it ASAP or select a certain time and date. Then, it’s necessary to check all the information — once the order is published, you won’t be able to change it.

Place your order, and one of our couriers will show up at the scheduled time to receive it and make a fulfillment delivery for you. All it takes is just a couple of taps (or clicks — if you prefer to use the web version of our service) to place an order, so you can use QWQER for hundreds of orders a day.

What we can deliver

We deliver all kinds of items: orders from online shops, food from restaurants, flowers, groceries, pills, and documents. We always handle deliveries with care to make sure they arrive at their destination in complete safety and fully preserved. Our e-commerce delivery works on holidays and weekends, too.

Dozens of companies are already working with us, including many restaurants and shops. You can be our next satisfied customer with an established fulfillment delivery service.

Why choose QWQER

We offer a convenient e-commerce fulfillment service with flexible conditions and extremely fast order delivery. You can order an express delivery — that’s perfect for restaurant fulfillment. You can track order in real-time, and you can ask our support service any questions about your delivery.

To make e-commerce last mile delivery even more convenient, we offer different encashment options: with cash or without it. We guarantee that your customer will receive its items, and you will receive the money for that order without any problems.


Contact us now to see how we can help your business. Learn more here