Earn money by making deliveries!

Get extra income. Delivers food at a time convenient for you.

Become a QWQER Express courier today!

Why become a QWQER Express courier?
Get extra income

Receive orders all over the city. No commission, and you'll get paid three times a month!

Delivers at your convenience

You decide yourself - when and how often to make deliveries. Just an hour? Every night, only on holidays? All week? You are the boss!

Ashes by delivering food

Want to burn some calories by cycling or deliver food with your car? Choose your own vehicle to deliver!

What is needed
to start working?
Own vehicle
You must be registered as a taxpayer
Active bank account
If you have all that, then apply and earn with each delivered shipment, and don't forget that it is more profitable to place several orders at once!
How are orders accepted?
Step 1
Confirm the customer's request in the application
Step 2
Go to the customer to accept the shipment
Step 3
Deliver the package to the destination and get paid
Bonuses at gas stations QWQER for couriers
-0,05 euro discount on fuel
From -10% to -20% on coffee and other hot drinks
Discount from -10% to -20% on local food and drinks
Discount from -20% to -30% for car wash
-10% discount on auto products
* Offer varies by DUS
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