The core of our organization
Our mission
Forming the last stage of the supply chain elements, ensuring a simple and affordable service execution, delivering the product on the current day.
Our vision
Update and make the user experience convenient using our delivery service both in the Baltic States and in Europe. Time is our most precious resource and it is essential to channel it into meaningful activities. We strive to automate business processes wherever possible, promoting productivity, reliability, consistency and quality.
Our values
Company values are employees, customers and partners. The QWQER organization is based on the observance of human values and fair principles in daily cooperation, as well as in the company culture as a whole.
QWQER symbol
It is a carrier pigeon that has been the fastest messenger for hundreds of years. Purple symbolizes balance and independence, which are also QWQER values. The name comes from the English word "quicker", which in Latvian means "faster". This is also the correct pronunciation of the brand name QWQER.
According to historical sources, the Arab rulers in Baghdad used the carrier pigeon to deliver news as early as 1150 AD. Also in the Middle Ages in Europe, carrier pigeons were used quite widely, and their services were important until the 19th century.

These birds are distinguished by their excellent orientation ability and good flight speed - from 48 to 50 km per hour. Their speed could reach up to 90 km/h. The homing pigeon is also famous for its ability to return home from anywhere in the world. Cases have been recorded when carrier pigeons have reached the addressee at a distance of up to 2,700 km.

The QWQER logo carrier pigeon is stylized and also shows the box or parcel symbol. We pride ourselves on our EX PRESS delivery service and our staff to get your package from point A to point B with quality.
At QWQER, it's modern delivery for today. Order today - receive today!
QWQER Express delivery service provides same-day delivery, which ensures that the package reaches the recipient quickly, safely and affordably. We also provide cooperation partners with the necessary transport to deliver shipments to the final recipient. QWQER was founded in 2019 and has already expanded its operations in eight countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, USA, China, India, Singapore, UAE.